Multi Player

Multi Player allows you to view and/or reproduce the most common image, audio or video formats, including audio CD and video DVD.

Image formats:
.jpg .png .bmp .gif .tif .ico .emf .wmf .webp

Audio formats:
.wav .aiff .mp3 .m4a .aac .mid .au .flac .cda .wma

Video formats:
.wmv .avi .mpg .mov .mp4 .m4v .3gp .3g2 .m2ts .mkv .vob

Open media files:
You can upload files using the "Open media files" function in the "Files" menu, or drag them from any folder to the Multi Player window.
Files can also be loaded, when clicked on any folder, with or without Multi Player running.

Playback / viewing lists for multimedia shows can be created. This presentations can include all types of multimedia files accepted by the program, can be played sequential or in random order. There is also the possibility of presenting images with musical background. In this case, the first item in the list will be an audio file, the rest being image files.

El Multi Player, sin estar abierto, puede detectar cuando se inserta un CD de audio o un DVD de video en una unidad de lectura.
Con el Multi Player abierto, detecta cuando se inserta un CD, DVD, memoria USB o otro dispositivo en una unidad.

Informações do ficheiro

Editing a file's metadata:
Some file types allow editing of metadata (title, artists, performers, etc.). This can be done in the "File information" window. Fields with a white background can be edited.

Conversion of audio and video formats:
Conversion functions are available to and from the most common audio and video formats.

Conversion of image formats:
Conversion to and from the most used formats is also available for image formats.

Reframing videos:
This option available in the "Tools" menu or (Ctrl+F6) allows you to crop videos, keeping or not the original aspect ratio.

Resizing videos:
Also in the menu "Tools" or (Ctrl+F7) allows you to resize videos keeping, or not, the original aspect ratio.

Screen image and sound recording/capture:
Allows you to record everything that happens on your PC screen, image and sound.
To request this function, just press the keys (Ctrl + F8) or the corresponding item from the "Tools" menu. Then press (Alt + F5) to start recording. A countdown signals the start of capture/recording. To end recording, press (Alt + F6). The file resulting from the recording will be saved in the folder defined in "Settings".

Audio recording
Recording from microphone, line-in or from the sound being sent to the speakers.


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Audio CD ripping:
It allows the extraction of tracks from your audio CD to mp3 files.

efeitos visuais

Visual effects for audio:
Various visual effects are available to be displayed, if desired, during sound reproduction. The choice of the effect type and other characteristics is made in "Settings".


Insert or assign images to audio files:
An image can be assigned to any audio file that will be displayed, if desired, during playback. You have the option of relating the image to the title or album name.
Associating the image with the title, each theme of an album will have its own image; by relating the image to the album name, all themes in that album will display the same image. There is the possibility, in the same album, to particularize a certain theme (or themes) with a different image. After you have assigned an image to the entire album, you can assign a different image to a theme, relating it to the title. The remaining themes will continue to display the image that was related to the album name.
To relate an image to the album name, it is necessary that this information exists in the file's metadata.
For mp3 and wav files, it is also possible to embed the image in the file itself.

Viewing images:
You can move the images and zoom, using the mouse wheel, the key combinations (Ctrl + PagUp), (Ctrl + PageDown) or by holding down the (Z) key while "drawing" a dashed rectangle on the image defining the area you want to expand.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Most keyboard shortcuts are visible on the menus or labels (tooltip) that appear near the buttons. The following shortcuts are not included in this information:
F3 - Opens/Closes the CD/DVD drive drawer.
Right Arrow and Left Arrow - Moves the selected cursor one unit in the direction of the arrow (playback position or sound volume). Together with the Ctrl key it moves 10 units.
Ctrl + 0 (zero) - Centers the current image in the Multi Player window.
Ctrl + 1 - Reduces the Multi Player window to its smallest possible size and centers it on the screen.
F11 or F - switches between normal screen and full screen.

Multi Player was programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 with .NET Framework 4.8 and uses several free libraries for non-commercial programs:
Bass, from Un4seen Developments Ltd;
Dynamicweb.WebP from Dynamicweb Software A / S;
TagLib.Portable by Tim Heuer;
Vlc.DotNet.Forms from ZeBobo5.
ffmpeg from various developers.

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