Media Transfer

Media Transfer lists all kinds of multimedia (images, audio files, video files, PDF files, etc.) present on the active page, in the browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox).

Video search (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook watch and many more), uses the executable yt-dlp.exe.
Note that it will only be possible to download multimedia that is not protected by copyright. Media Transfer is not intended to violate any applicable laws. Media Transfer, after the listing, allows you to save, in the folder specified by you, the multimedia you selected in the list.

Media Transfer is designed for Windows 10, 64 bit (or higher). After installation, you may be asked to install NET 7.0 required to run this application.


  1. Download Media Transfer by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Unzip the ZIP and run MediaTransfer_Setup.exe to install the program;
  2. Run Media Transfer by clicking on the icon that appears on your desktop;
  3. Opens the web page you want to "investigate" in your browser (Chrome, Edge or Firefox);
  4. Click the Get Active Address in Browser or press F2;
  5. Click Browse Media or press Ctrl + M;
  6. Mark, in the list [D] the items you want to transfer and click on the button Transfer Checked Media or press F5;
  7. The files will be transferred to the folder designated in Settings (button [M] or F10).
  8. On video pages, clicking the Browse Videos or Ctrl + P, the video on that page will be found. In this case, you can choose to transfer video with audio, just video or just audio [G], with the resolution chosen in Settings.
    Media Transfer purposely does not search for playlists. Only one video (the main one) will be found.

Media Transfer

[A] – Clicking this button (or pressing F2) the URL address of the browser's active tab (Chrome, Edge or Firefox), will be displayed in field [B].

[B] Address field (URL). Here will be the address of the active page in the browser. You can also write or paste any valid address in this bar. A list keeps the captured addresses.
If you wish, you can save the data contained in this list. To do so, press Ctrl + S. To access the saved lists, press Ctrl + O.
The address selected from this list will be the starting point for all searches. The search for videos [F] can only be carried out at this address.

[C] – Clicking this button (or pressing Ctrl + M) starts the multimedia search. The result is displayed in the list [D].

[D] – List of the names of the multimedia found. The viewer, on the right, displays/plays the selected item. Videos captured by the [F] button do not play, but an image of the video is displayed. For faster searching, Media Transfer does not check whether the found links exist. This will be checked when asked to view or play a list item or when asked to transfer that item.


[E] – Clicking the Start search on selected link button (or by double-clicking on an item in the list), the multimedia found and links lists will be cleared and the selected address will become the new starting point for searches and shown in [ B].

[F]Browse Videos will search for videos at the address in [A].

[G] – Three options: transfer video with audio, transfer only video without audio or transfer only audio without video.

[H] – Finally, by clicking on Transfer Checked Media, the media is downloaded and saved in the default folder in Settings [M] .

[I] - Language choice (Portuguese, English, French or Spanish).

[J] - Importing previously saved lists of URL addresses.

[K] - Save the current URL addresses in a list.

[M] - Displays the Settings window.

[N] - Displays this page.

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a) All searches or downloads can be interrupted by pressing the ESC key or by clicking on the Cancel button on the progress bar.

b) The executable ffmpeg.exe is used freely distributed, for converting audio to mp3 and pasting video to audio when downloaded separately.

Download Media Transfer (version 1.0.5)

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